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The Acetech Lighter (short) Tracer Unit is for use on airsoft guns that have a 14mm threaded (for use on 14mm CCW or 11mm CW) barrel.  The Lighter is perfect for CQB weapons, pistols, and a host of other guns.  Perfect for speedsoft!  The standard Lighter series doesn't require an adapter like the "S" which is why we only sell this module. 

A tracer unit is used to make your BBs brightly glow in the dark as they fly out of your gun!  A very cool night effect.

Metal outer construction for reliability and durability on the airsoft battlefield.  Has a built-in 450mah Li-Po battery to power the unit.  A fully charged unit (2 hours charging time) will last 12,000+ rounds.  A micro USB cable (included) is used to charge the unit.  There's a power savings mode, standby, and auto power-off if you accidentally leave it on for too long.  For use on guns up to 10 RPS.

30mm x 101mm length.  60g weight w/o batteries.

For use with all glow in the dark tracer airsoft BBs 6mm.

Sku: 81457
Brand : Acetech