ARES Amoeba Flash Hider Adapter For Striker Outer Barrel (Thread: 14mm Negative)

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  • Metal alloy construction
  • Perfect for adapting other shapes or sizes of flash hider, mock supressor, or tracer unit to your ARES Amoeba Striker
  • 14mm Negative threading makes perfect compatibility with most Airsoft muzzle devices
Looking to use an additional outer barrel extension, mock suppressor, or even a tracer unit? Look no further. Perfect for wanting to run longer inner barrels on your ARES Amoeba Striker and finding mock suppressors to help cover up all that extra chrome, or running tracer units for night ops.

Manufacturer: ARES

Color: Black

Size: 14mm Negative


Thread Direction: 14mm Negative Counter-Clockwise
Compatibility: ARES Amoeba Striker or 23mm Positive threaded barrels
Material: Metal Alloy