Virtue Spire III Loader - Dark Slate

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The Virtue Spire III is an all-encompassing upgrade to the game-winning design of the original Spire 200 and 260. The Spire III is built on technology that made the original Spire the best high-end loader in paintball, while simultaneously improving its performance, reliability, and ease-of-use.
The Spire III is built on the proven original Spire design that has won more professional tournaments since its inception than any other loader in the sport of paintball. The Spire III continues with design philosophy that’s Built to Win in delivering a loader that’s Smaller, Lighter, Holds More Paint, Easier, Faster, and Still Never Jams.

• Hinged Shell Technology™
• Higher 230rnd Capacity
• Dual LED Reload Indicator with Alarm
• Faster Jam Proof Feeding
• Brittle Paint Performance
• Improved Toolless Design
• Toolless Tray Disassembly
• 35% Smaller Spire Drive
• Shock-mounted G-force Sensor
• Removable, Flexible Spire Drive Fingers
• Magnetically Attached Spire Drive
• Smart Spring Ramp Included
• Toolless Electronics Package
• Audible Reload Alarm
• Smartphone programming interface (iPhone & Android)
• CPU-Optimized Motor Logic
• Durable Glass Filled Nylon Construction
• Integrated Backshell Windows
• Quick Change Speed Feed
• New Designed Quick Change CrownSF II Speed Feed (optional)
• Quick Change Speed Feed Fingers (optional)

• Manual (pdf)
• LENGTH: 9″
• WIDTH: 4.1″
• HEIGHT: 3.9″
• WEIGHT: 16.5oz
• WARRANTY: 90 Days