CR2 - 1600mAh Lithium Primary (LiMNO2)

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  • What's New:

    Longer Lasting

    Significantly increased capacity means longer runtimes and less frequent battery changes

    Improved Chemistry

    Improved safety and optimization for both high and low drain devices

    Optimized Engineering

    State-of-the-art automated production lines result in maximum quality

    Temperature Tolerances

    From -40°F up to 158°F provides industry-leading performance for outdoor devies
    Interesting in knowing more? Get all the details on the new Titanium Innovations CR2 batteries here.

    Titanium Innovations CR2 - 1 Piece Retail Card

    750mAh | 3V Voltage | PTC Protection

    Titanium Innovation's CR2 batteries are here with a new look; enjoy the same great battery, now in classic retail-card packaging. These 3V cells are power-packed with 1000mAh of energy and feature both 8000mA constant and 1500mA pulse current ratings to keep up with the most demanding devices. The compact construction of CR2 cells makes this battery ideal for powering medical equipment, security systems, scopes, cameras and more! The built-in PTC protection keeps your battery from reaching overcurrent conditions, ensuring that you and your devices are safe from accidents.

    Bulk Buyers Rejoice!

    While Battery Junction has lightning-fast shipping, nothing quite beats a handful of spares in your own home. We offer tiered bulk pricing, so you save time and money when you plan ahead. Thanks to their lithium chemistry, these Titanium Innovations CR2 batteries have a 10 year shelf life and keep your backup cells from ever going to waste.

    Certified and UL Recognized!

    Titanium CR2 batteries are RoHS compliant and have the following certifications: UN(38.3 T1-T8), UL(MH47680), CE, & SGS.
    • Notable Features
    • » 10 year shelf life keeps your backup cells from ever going to waste
    • » Built-in PTC protection keeps battery safe from over discharge and short circuiting
    • » Brand new look and packaging
    Caution: CR2s are lithium primary batteries and not rechargeable. Attempting to use a CR2 or any primary lithium battery in a charger may cause severe damage to both the battery and charger.
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