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Total Freak System

The Freak Barrel system from GOG Paintball is the worlds most versatile paintball barrel. Since its inception The Freak has been recognized as the best paintball barrel on the planet, and has won countless tournaments, woods-ball games and scenario games. The Freak’s insert system allows you to choose the correct bore diameter for the paint you are shooting, and the high quality honing inside each insert assures accurate and consistent shots. With aluminum and stainless steel inserts, 3 barrel fronts in 4 different colors, and backs for most paintball markers – there is a Freak custom made for you.


Borematching Freak Insert Guide

What Is Borematching? How do you bore-match?

What is bore-matching?

Bore-matching is the practice of matching the outer diameter of your paintballs to the inner diameter of your paintball barrel bore. The diameter of a paintball can change from batch to batch, day to day, or even hour by hour depending on environmental conditions, so it is important to have a barrel that can change quickly and easily with your paint. No other barrel system is as quick and easy to bore match as the Full Freak System.

How to bore-match:

Using the paint you plan to play with for the day, insert one of your paintballs into the base of the insert.

If you have to blow very hard to push the ball through the barrel, you need a larger insert.

If the ball rolls out without blowing at all or too easily, you need to use a smaller insert.

You should be able to easily blow the ball through the barrel with minimal effort, like a blow gun.

Repeat this process with several paintballs to find an average size that works for your paint. Depending on weather conditions, you will want to repeat this process one or twice per day to insure optimum performance.

GOG Freak Borematching

Bore-matching for Accuracy

The Freak offers a comprehensive selection of bores, each honed to a incredibly smooth finish. By bore-matching your paintballs have a more linear path down your barrel which leads to more accuracy and less ball breakage.

When a barrel is over-bored the ball moves around as it travels down the barrel. As the ball collides with the sides of the barrel, unneeded spin and unnecessary friction impacts the ball reducing accuracy and weakening or even breaking the shell.

When a barrel is properly bored, the ball fits snugly fits inside the bore. Since the paintball fits the bore of the barrel, the ball is propelled straight out of the barrel with maximum accuracy and minimal friction.

Accuracy is the most important feature of a paintball barrel, and the bore matching of The Freak System is the most accurate barrel available.

Paintball GOG Freak Barrelmatching

More Efficient on any Marker

The Freak System allows you to get more shots from every fill-up, no matter what marker you shoot. By bore-matching your paintballs, you waste less air propelling them down your barrel. This means you can turn your regulator pressure down, or your velocity screw out making your marker softer on paint and easier on air.

A bore that is too tight compresses the ball increasing friction, and increasing the pressure/volume of air your paintball marker must use to push the paintball through the bore. The added friction of an under-bored barrel can also cause broken paint.

A bore that is too loose allows propellent gas to blow by the ball itself, increasing the pressure/volume of air your paintball marker must use to push the paintball down the barrel. This can also cause inconsistent velocity because the amount of air that escapes around the ball will be varied from shot to shot.

Finally, a properly bored barrel has just the slightest gap around the ball to minimize friction and wasted air. With a properly bored barrel you paintball marker uses the minimum amount of pressure/volume to accelerate the paintball while keeping friction to a minimum.

The wide array of available Freak Inserts lets you match whatever paintball your shooting, getting the most out of your paintball marker.

Complete Freak Kit

Adaptable and Practical

The Freak System is arguably the most utilized barrel system in the history of paintball. People choose the Freak System because it can adapt to whatever paintballs they choose to shoot, on whatever marker they choose to shoot, anywhere they choose to play.

In an industry where fashion is short lived, it is performance that keeps a product popular. The Freak Barrel System has been the choice of paintball players since it was introduced, and can be found on the top markers today. With so many people choosing the Freak System, why haven’t you?

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