HDP Prepared to Protect Self Defense Pepper Pistol

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The HDP 50 pepper round pistol helps you in being Prepared to Protect™. The T4E P2P HDP 50 was developed by UMAREX, a family-owned company with an interest in empowering people with the confidence to protect themselves, their families, and possessions without the use of a firearm. Being Prepared to Protect offers peace of mind when children are present and firearms are unwanted. Its easy-to-use quick response charge and multiple .50 caliber pepper rounds provide confidence during intense situations. Comes with 10 rubber rounds for practice and training and 10 pepper rounds for self-defense. Be Prepared to Protect. Ready the Owner's Manual before use including all warnings, cautions, and notes within the owner's manual. 12-gram CO2 cartridges not included.

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