i5 E Voke

  • If you have a Dye i5 Paintball mask and a Dye M2 w/ MOSAir then the Dye e.VOKE is a must have! The Dye i5 e.VOKE kit attaches directly to your Dye i5 mask and syncs up with your M2 paintball gun. The e.VOKE is capable of providing vital game data to the player in real time on the field.

    Revolutionary software design features of the i5 e.VOKE upgrade kit include Game Timer Alerts, Shot Tracker, G-Count Tracker, Service Alerts, and Training Mode Assistant.

    Train for that upcoming tournament using Game Timer Alerts and Training Mode Assistant. Keep your head in the game and focus on your play and let the e.VOKE upgrade kit do the rest. As the time gets closer to running out on the game, auditory alerts will sound off letting you know. Plan your final move to get the point by knowing exactly how much time is left.

    Probably the most important feature from the Dye i5 e.VOKE upgrade kit is the Shot Tracker. Shot Tracker counts how many balls have been shot throughout the entire day as well as how much paint you have remaining. When you run low on paint then the e.VOKE will have an alert go off. This is great because it gives the player time to make a move or decide to reload before they are physically out of ammo.