Inception Designs Autococker Timing Rod


Extra Long for custom fittingDescription:

This is an Autococker three-way timing rod threaded in 5-40 for use with Inception, Empire and some other similarly threaded old school three ways.

This timing rod is 3.55" long and typically used where you need to custom fit the timing rod if using a gun with a full valve body, an Inception three-way but someone else's frame where the timing rod hole is further back on the frame.

Depending on your combination of frame, body, and front block this may work with many different setups using old-school parts also.

We made the threaded section longer to cover many different setups and give you the freedom to cut the end shorter if need be for some of the more unusual combinations of parts. This timing rod comes with a 5-40 threaded nut. Thread it on past where you want to cut the timing rod, cut the timing rod and clean up the edges (with a file or dremel) and then screw off the nut to ensure the threads are clean. Make sure the nut screws back on cleanly and you should be good to install it at the new length.