JT Spectra Pro-Flex Mask LE Blue / Black W/ Sky 2.0 Prizm Thermal Lens

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This is the new ProFlex with the improved 2.0 ears.

The best-selling mask in paintball is still around! The JT Spectra Proflex is the legendary Pro look, complete with a phenomenal non-fog lens and unrivaled comfort. Completely compatible with existing Proflex straps, frames and face shields, the ProFlex also comes with comfortable soft ears.


  • Soft Lower Face Shield
  • Narrow profile and improved protection
  • Aggressive styling with massive vents
  • Spectra Dual Pane Thermal Lens
  • 260-degree field of vision
  • Prevents fogging
  • Most comfortable design on the planet
  • Soft Molded Ear Pieces
  • Curved to deflect glancing impacts