Killhouse Weapon Systems Petrol ACOG Sight - Black

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Paintball Red Dot Specifications

  • Reticle Color - Red or Green
  • Reitcle Brightness - 3 different brightness settings for each color
  • Reticle Shape - Crosshairs
  • Mount Type - 7/8 Weaver
  • Mount Length - 3.50 Inches
  • Body Dimensions - 3.25 Inch Height x 6 Inch Length 
  • Body Type - Tubed
  • Lens Size - 1.5 Inch Diameter 
  • Weight - 14.1 Ounces

The Killhouse Petrol ACOG sight is an awesome sight to use on the field during rec play or scenerio play. The ACOG sight has crosshairs as the only reticle shape and has the ability to change the reticle color from green to red. The reticle has 3 brightness settings for each color giving you ultimate customization for different environments. This sight mount will fit on any 7/8 weaver rail. The sight comes with a LR44 Button cell battery and a cleaning cloth for the lens.