Matrix Eagle Force High Power Multi-Purpose CNC 40mm Airsoft Grenade Shell

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  • Made from CNC machined aluminum
  • Compatible with high-pressure red gas and CO2
  • Specialty shells can be loaded with BB's, marking powder/rounds, and more (Please be responsible, do not put anything dangerous in grenade shells)
  • Great for propelling foam rockets/projectiles from grenade launchers
  • Comes w/ 10 rubber plugs (replacements are available)
  • Double o-ring core
  • Internal o-ring for enhanced performance
  • Easy to reset
Package Includes: 1x Grenade Shell, 10x Rubber Plugs
Dimension: 40mm x 85mm (standard size)
Capacity: 2 x 68 caliber paintball, handful of BBs, or various other items that fits into the barrel.
Material: CNC Aluminum
Power: 200~350 FPS
Style: M433 HEDP Type
Gas Type: Green Gas, Red Gas, Propane adapter, CO2
Launcher Type: All Standard 40mm Airsoft Grenade Shell Launchers
Color: Black or silver. May or may not have Eagle force marking depending on batch.

Manufacturer: Matrix (USA) Eagle Force (Asia OEM)

*Disclaimer: To reset an Airsoft Grenade, press the button at the end of the grenade all the way down and release it. Disassembling it will void all warranty. (Bearings inside will fall out, you can refer to our videos on how to put them back, it is not hard, and we do sell spare bearing and o-rings for it for you to easily fix it.)