Prometheus Reinforced Wide Use EG Gear Set for Airsoft AEGs (Type: Standard / Ratio 18:1)



  • Heavy-duty steel gears
  • Precision CNC machined construction
  • Heat-treated for improved strength and durability
  • For use with a wide variety of Airsoft gearboxes and brands, including Krytac
The Prometheus Wide Use Gears 13:1/18:1 Gearsets are rated for Japanese velocity limits, 330 FPS/98m/s/1 joule. These gear sets are not tested on higher stress setups and therefore are not recommended for such. Please refer to the Prometheus EG Hard Gear series instead for higher-stress builds.

Manufacturer: Prometheus


Package Includes: Spur Gear, Sector Gear, Bevel Gear, Shim set
Materials: Steel, Metal Alloy
Gear Set Type: Standard, 18:1 ratio
Spring: Recommended M100 and Under
Application: V.2, V.3, and all gearboxes that use standard type AEG Gears. (M4, AK, MP5, G36, P90 and other compatible AEG models. Includes Krytac models)
Production Type: CNC Machining