TAGinn R2Bs Airsoft Pyrotechnic Hand Grenade

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  • Lightweight design
  • Detonates in 3.5 seconds once spoon is released
  • Sends BBs and fragments of foam shell 10-12 meters from point of detonation
  • Fits in most flashbang or smoke grenade pouches easily
  • Comes in a pack of 6 grenades
The R2Bs EVO Airsoft grenade provides a revolutionary new product for the training and tactical airsoft market. This airsoft grenade is filled with 200 .20 BBs which when engaged are propelled by the pyrotechnics inside of the grenade shell. The operation of the grenade is easy, simply pull the pin, release the spoon and throw the grenade to your designated location. After a 3.5 second delay, the grenade will explode, releasing the BBs inside of the shell giving it an 8-10 meter hit radius. The R2Bs airsoft hand grenade by Taggin features a durable polyurethane shell that allows the grenade to be durable and safe when not in use.

Disclaimer for R2Bs Grenades: Due to the Pyrotechnic nature of these products, extreme care should be taken when handling, storing and employing these grenades. These Airsoft pyrotechnic grenades may only be used at authorized/sanctioned fields and locations.

Manufacturer: TAGinn


Material: Polymer

US DOT Approved