Tippmann Co2 Tank 12oz w/Repeater

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  • High quality aluminum 12 Oz CO2 Tank with industry standard pin valve, just screw it in and get ready to shoot some people
  • Pure energy repeater valve
  • Includes burst disc for additional safety
  • Refillable tank
The Tippmann CO2 Tank comes with a burst disc for safety. Refill this 12 oz tank as often as you need. The 12 oz CO2 tank is equipped with a pure energy repeater valve to provide an easy way to get energy as quickly as needed. Play paintball all day long with a CO2 tank that is equipped for all your needs.

Capacity: 12oz

Manufacturer: Tippmann

About Tippmann

Since 1986, Tippmann has been the premier designer and manufacturer of high performance paintball markers and accessories for players worldwide. Our reputation for quality, innovation, and service makes Tippmann a recognized industry leader in the development of technologically advanced products. In 2014, we spent the year joining two great companies and we are excited to be part of the GI Sportz family that includes, Tippmann, V-Force and of course GI Sportz branded products. We also expanded into the Airsoft market with our new Tippmann Tactical branded products. In paintball, we released our new Tactical Compact Rifle, otherwise known as the TCR. Both of these products are proudly made in the U.S.A. right here in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We are focusing on producing more outstanding American-made products.