Tippmann Cyclone Feed System - Black

Works on 98 Custom, 98 Custom Pro, 98 Custom ACT , 98 Custom Pro ACT, 98 Custom Platinum Series, 98 Custom Pro Platinum Series, Alpha Black, and the Project Salvo. The A-5 Cyclone Feed system is now available for your Custom Pro or 98 Custom marker. The cyclone system is linked to the air system for synchronized ball feeding. Reduces breakage and jamming. The faster you shot, the faster it feeds! Up to 15 balls per second. This kit also includes a 200 round wide mouth, low profile hopper and will accept standard A-5 hopper upgrades. Attaches via a quick release elbow where the regular elbow attached and includes 1/16 inch fittings and hose. Note: If the Cyclone feed system is going to be used together with a Response Trigger then you also must have the Tippmann Cyclone Feed With Rt Kit Adapter. The cyclone feed system IS compatible with the Flatline barrel. The cyclone feed system is NOT compatabile with the Carver One. The feed elbow designs are different. April 09 - This kit does NOT contain the pre-drilled power tube. If you have an 98 Custom, pre 1022801 serial number, or Custom Pro, pre 0015601 serial number, with no TA05021 power tube plug, you will have to drill your power tube port, or order the pre-drilled version 98-21NR. See related products. October 08 - This kit now fits Alpha Black and Alpha Black E-Grip with no non factory modification. Commoon Question: Q: Does the Cyclone feed system work with an e-grip? Does it work with a reactive trigger? A: The cyclone will work fine with an e-grip equipped gun. It will also work with the reactive trigger guns, but you will need to get the adaptor kit for some guns with only one air-port.