Umarex Heckler & Koch MP7A1

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Lightweight nylon fiber-reinforced polymer frame/receiver w/ fully licensed by H&K trademarks; 1:1 scale true replica
Metal high-performance gearbox OEM by VFC
Integrated built-in MOSFET optimized for 11.1v lipo batteries
Integrated cut-off feature when the magazine is empty; the gun also features a magazine disconnect that prevents the gun from dry-firing without the magazine *Attention: Do not insert the magazine with the magnet follower exposed as doing so may damage the magazine follower
4 Position compact metal H&K MP7 retractable stock
Upper rail for optics and tactical accessories
Folding vertical support grip
Quick change spring function for FPS tuning
The Heckler & Koch MP7 was designed to meet NATO requirements for a new type of weapon as well as a cartridge that would help bridge the gap between a sub-machine gun and a rifle. The criteria were to develop a weapons platform that was compact enough for vehicle crews and security details while having the ability to punch through body armor. This new type of weapons system would, in turn, be labeled as a Personal Defense Weapon or PDW for short. The H&K MP7 and the 4.6x30mm cartridge was developed as a direct rival to the FNH-P90 chambered in 5.7x28mm to replace the 9x19 Parabellum cartridge due to advancements in body armor technology.

The Elite Force / VFC MP7 is the first officially licensed electric-powered MP7 that can stand toe-to-toe against standard AEGs. The new and improved MP7 sports impressive power, rate of fire, and a built-in MOSFET out of the box. This light-weight, high speed, low profile PDW was developed to be the ultimate close quarter engagement weapon; perfect to run as your primary CQB gun or as a highly effective backup for snipers or crew-served weapons gunners. Finally, an MP7 that combines the performance of the gas version with the convenience of the AEP version. Additional features include a fully retractable stock and folding vertical grip to make the weapon as compact as possible, quick target acquisition pistol style sights that flip up to precision rifle sights, a quick change spring system for easy FPS tuning, and a magazine cut-off feature that stops the weapon from firing once the magazine runs empty.

Parts schematic can be found HERE

Manufacturer: Elite Force / Umarex / VFC

FPS Range: 350-375

Color: Black

Material: Nylon Reinforced Polymer
Firing Mode: Fully Automatic, Semi Automatic, Safety.
Magazine Capacity: 110 rounds
Gearbox: VFC MP7 Type
ROF: 25 BPS (measured with 11.1V 900mah battery
Battery: 11.1v 1000mAh recommended (Wired to small Tamiya to front)
Package includes: SMG Rifle, Magazine, manual.