Umarex Rekt Jury Red Foam Dart Revolver Blaster


The REKT Jury Blue CO2 Foam Dart Revolver takes standard blasters to the next level. Quickly reload with its six-shot, rotary magazine cylinders and a hand full of half-length darts to outblast your competition. This CO2-powered blaster shoots half-length darts 30% farther and faster than standard foam dart blasters. That's over 80 feet of foam dart flying action! It can unleash a satisfying barrage of six darts just as fast as you can pull the trigger, and because a single 12-gram CO2 cartridge provides the air that propels the darts, it packs a punch and has a cool sounding “pop” too. And it comes with two 6-shot cylinders in the box! REKT Jury users love the "pop" made by this dart gun and parents love the ease of use. As with any youth-oriented activity, adult supervision is required. Don't forget the eye pro! CO2 not included. #PlayREKT

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