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**Product Description: Used BT Delta Elite Paintball Marker**

Prepare for intense paintball action with the BT Delta Elite Paintball Marker. Renowned for its rugged construction, advanced features, and aggressive styling, the Delta Elite is a formidable choice for players seeking reliability and performance on the battlefield. This used Delta Elite offers all the benefits of its new counterparts at a more affordable price, making it an excellent option for both seasoned players and those looking to elevate their game.


1. **Tactical Design**: The BT Delta Elite boasts a sleek and aggressive design inspired by modern military firearms, ensuring you look the part while dominating the field.

2. **Electronic Trigger**: Equipped with an electronic trigger system, the Delta Elite offers fast and responsive firing, allowing you to unleash rapid bursts of paint with precision and ease.

3. **APEX Barrel System**: Featuring the innovative APEX barrel system, this marker enables you to curve your shots with unparalleled accuracy, giving you the ability to hit targets behind cover or around corners.

4. **Adjustable Stock**: The Delta Elite comes with an adjustable stock, allowing you to customize the length to fit your preferences and shooting style, enhancing comfort and stability during gameplay.

5. **Multiple Firing Modes**: With multiple firing modes including semi-automatic, burst, and full-automatic, this marker offers versatility to adapt to various scenarios and playstyles.

6. **Quick-change System**: The tool-less quick-change system allows for easy maintenance and upgrades, minimizing downtime between games and ensuring your marker is always ready for action.

7. **Integrated Sight Rail**: The built-in sight rail provides a convenient platform for attaching optics or sights, enhancing your aiming capabilities and overall accuracy on the field.

This used BT Delta Elite Paintball Marker is in good condition, showing minor signs of wear consistent with previous use. It has been inspected and tested to ensure reliable performance, with any necessary adjustments or repairs already addressed.

**Package Includes:**

- BT Delta Elite Paintball Marker

**Note:** Air tank and additional accessories not included.

**Why Choose the BT Delta Elite:**
From its tactical design to its advanced features, the BT Delta Elite Paintball Marker is engineered to give you the edge in any paintball scenario. Whether you're engaging in intense skirmishes or tactical missions, this marker offers the reliability, performance, and customization options you need to outmatch your opponents. Upgrade your arsenal with the BT Delta Elite and experience the thrill of domination on the paintball field.

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