Valken Profit Snap Click Thermal Goggles - Rev Red


When you walk on the field, suddenly it’s you versus the world. There’s opponents over there with guns coming to hunt you, you’ve got a flag to hang or a mission to accomplish and often the weather doesn’t exactly cooperate! This is no time to wish you had a better goggle system: you need fog-free lenses, you need plenty of ventilation and you need safe, comfortable protection for your eyes, ears, face and mouth. A little bit of style wouldn’t hurt either. This is the time for the Valken Profit SC paintball goggles to shine! The Valken Profit SC paintball mask takes everything about the original Profit paintball goggle and makes it better, improving comfort and performance to help the player inside win! A thermal lens that’s quickly and easily changed prevents fogging for clear vision in any weather, the soft foam in the goggle is easily replaced with a Snap Click system, comfortable foam around the ears maintains all-day comfort without muffling sound and the facemask offers stylish protection with plenty of ventilation to allow fresh air in. Comfortable, stylish, easy to maintain and offering the very best performance, the Valken Profit SC paintball goggle delivers the very best when a serious paintball player needs it most!