WE-Tech Desert Eagle .50 AE Full Metal Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol by Cybergun (Color: Black)

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  • Licensed by Magnum Research Inc. through Cybergun with authentic engraved trademarks and logos
  • Durable, heavyweight full metal construction
  • Injection molded polymer grip panels with Desert Eagle markings
  • Realistic blowback action provides a healthy kick and an impressive display of performance
  • Picatinny top and bottom rail for optics, lights, and lasers
  • Functioning safety and magazine release
  • Drop-free magazine
  • Realistic construction and takedown
  • Co2 powered for amazing power and consistency

Let's face the facts, in today's day and age contrary to popular belief, size matters; it matters a lot. When your average pea-shooters just aren't scratching that itch and you desire a big, powerful, solid beast of a cannon then the Desert Eagle is just what you have been waiting for. If the word overkill puts a smile on your face, if you need to destroy your target and everything immediately around it with complete disregard to subtlety, if stealth is nothing more than an afterthought then you have found your perfect match for a side arm.

Developed in the late 1970's / early 1980's, Magnum Research and Israel Military Industries (IMI) wanted to venture into the magnum side arm market that was mostly dominated by revolver style weapons. What sets the Desert Eagle apart from any other magnum side arm is the fact that it is a semi-auto gas-operated pistol that functions more like a rifle than a pistol. The rifle style gas system allows for use of high pressure / high power cartridges that traditional semi-automatic pistol designs cannot handle. Easily one of the most recognizable and most iconic semi-automatic handguns of all time, this weapon has been featured in numerous movies, tv shows, and video games. It is easily one of the most intimidating pieces of hardware one can carry for their side arm.

Manufacturer: Desert Eagle / Cybergun (OEM: by WE-TECH)

FPS Range: 315-340

Color: Black

Package: Gun Only

Model (Type): CO2


Dimensions: 260mm x 150mm
Weight: 1360g (w/ Magazine)
Magazine: 21+1rds. Compatible with other WE Desert Eagle magazines
Gas Type: 12 Gram Co2
Firing Mode: Safe / Semi-Auto
Hopup: Adjustable
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Speedloader, Allen Key, Manual